Guidance Department

The Loreto High School Guidance and Counselling department aims to deliver a counseling program that promotes student academic achievement, their social and spiritual growth and identification/ awareness and development of their talents and skills.Our guiding principles are grounded in Biblical values and are therefore Christian based. Our core functions support the school’s mission to produce women of integrity who will be agents of positive change in the global society. Our focus which primarily is on the student, is two-pronged, that is, continuous improvement in the services we offer our students and the students own performance in and out of class.


School counselors play an important role in supporting student achievement in all areas of their school life and work towards the overall harmony in an institution. In the department we have eight Teacher Counselors, all members of the teaching staff, who are headed by a Senior Head of Department and a Head of Department. They are as follows:

1. Ms. Alice Gichuki (SHOD) 5. Mrs. Margaret Riika
2. Mrs. Rosemary Kuru (HOD), 6. Mr. Peter Chege
3. Mrs. Celina Mutwiri 7. Mrs. Damary Kataka
4. Mr. Peter Kariuki 8. Mrs. Nelisa Mbogo

There are two Teacher Counselors responsible for each form. Our institution currently is Six streamed in forms 2,3, and 4 while form 1 is 6 streamed. In each of these classes there are 4 Peer Counsellors giving us a total of 100 Peer Counselors. This number will grow as the student population increases. Our Peer Counselors have two Patrons, Mrs. Mbogo and Mrs. Riika.


The department organizes group sessions in the various classes (about 2 per term), workshops for the students, video and or audio presentations, brief talks at school assemblies and invite resource persons for issues that affect the youth in the 21st Century like drug and substance abuse, use of social media, relationships among others and motivational talks. One on one counseling as well as group counseling activities run continuously throughout a school term as need arises. Special cases are referred to professional Counselors outside of the school setting.

The department is responsible for the induction of form one students. This major activity takes place as soon the students are admitted into the school and runs for three days. Our Peer Counselors are taken through an annual 3-day seminar on Counselling skills where topics like critical thinking, teamwork and collaboration, self-awareness and discovery are also covered. The Peer Counselors attend externally organized workshop/seminar at least once a year. Their activities also include one on one sessions with their peers, brief sharing on issues affecting their classes during class meetings and school assemblies and posting of relevant literature on class and school notice boards. The Teacher Counselors take part in both internally and externally organized workshops and seminars.

Group Discussions

We encourage our students to develop positive attitudes that will enable them form meaningful relationships in all aspects of their lives now and in their future and excel in the global society.