Technical Department

Technical department is made of seven subjects which are divided into two:

Technical 1 Technical 2
i. Home science i. French
ii. Art & design ii. Music
iii. Agriculture iii. Business studies
iv. Computer studies

In form 1 & 2 students are supposed to take one subject from technical 1 and one subject from technical 2. Computer studies is compulsory in form 1. In form 2 second term, students are supposed to choose one of the two technical subjects that they took in form 1. The subject they take should be one that they have passion and perform best. Music, computer studies, art & design and French have fewer students compared to the other three subjects because they require talent and creativity. By and large technical department is very dynamic contributing greatly to the overall performance of the School Mean. The department has a workforce of nine teachers namely:

Members of Department
1. Mrs. Mary Chege -Head of the Department 6. Mr. Mwaura
2. Ms. Alice Gichuki 7. Mr. Olila
3. Mr. Oyando 8. Ms. Nancy Karinga
4. Mr. Ndegwa 9. Mr. Orenge
5. Mr. Obado  
Curriculum Delivery Policy

For effective curriculum delivery, teachers use KNEC and KICD syllabus. They also prepare schemes of work, lesson plans, records of work and also write their own notes. KLB textbooks are used and other supplementary books in the school library. For Agriculture there is a demonstration plot and a livestock unit where learners and carry out their practical activities. For homescience the school has a well equipped homescience rooms both for cookery and clothing and textile. For music there is a well equipped music room for practical activities. For French there is well equipped French room. For art & design there is a well equipped and spacious room for practical activities. For computer the school has a well equipped computer laboratory. The school has an ICT laboratory well equipped with a smart board and a projector for ICT integration in learning.

Internal Exam Analysis

Done after every testing at the departmental level and the staff meeting.

KCSE Analysis

Done in January after the release of the KCSE results. Done at the departmental level in the staff meeting.

Other Important Highlights

Loreto High School Limuru is based on Catholic Faith though the students who are not in Catholic faith are given freedom of worship. Students are highly disciplined. The school aims at producing holistic women of substance. The school is well equipped with adequate facilities for efficient curriculum delivery.