Science Department

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the science Department – Loreto High School, Limuru. The Department is an exciting place to be. This department has 3 subjects on offer: Biology, Physics and Chemistry. As per our academic curriculum, chemistry is offered as the compulsory central science while students have the option to take either Biology or Chemistry or both. It’s amazing that majority of students at Loreto High School, Limuru opt for three sciences. The fact that a good number of our alumni occupy strategic positions in science oriented industries and organizations is testimony to the quality of training we deliver. We have a team of passionate, highly skilled and committed staff always ready to provide a ladder for any student yearning to move to the next level.


We boast of six well equipped spacious science laboratories. Each of the three subjects has 2 laboratories dedicated to it. The laboratories are equipped with projectors and internet connectivity to allow for real time reference and research as well as ICT integrated pedagogy. We are one of the few schools with an open-door policy when it comes to utility of the laboratories: students are allowed to explore scientific concepts at their free time with as less supervision as possible. This has gone a long way in instilling personal discipline and self belief in the science world among the learners. The teachers have the cyberschool app installed in their laptops to facilitate curriculum delivery. This app is also available for students as a revision and learning tool.


The department prides itself of having a rich blend of professionals: our diversity in terms of gender, age, experience and locus provides learners with multifaceted avenues of learning. This diversity not only enriches our competence and expertise as teachers, but also ensures that we cater for the learning profiles of each and every learner.
Here are some of our staff;

Name Description
1. Eunice Njenga She is the Principal, technically the group leader. She teaches Biology.
2. Mary Kimani The Deputy Principal, Academics. She teaches Biology.
3. Stephen Obuong’ He is the Senior Head of Department, and teaches Biology and Chemistry.
4. Elsy Njagi Mrs. Njagi is the officer in-charge of Quality and Standards in the School. She teaches Mathematics and Chemistry.
5. Rosemary Kuru Mrs. Kuru sits in the Guidance and Counseling Department and also doubles as the Head of Chemistry. She teaches Chemistry and Mathematics.
6. Judith Monari She is teaches Chemistry and Physics and is a dedicated patron of St. John’s ambulance.
7. Francis Sori The re-known Basketballer and coach teaches Chemistry and Biology and is the head of the latter.
8. Gabriel Gitonga Mr. Gitonga is a teacher of Biology and Mathematics and is arguably one of our best when it comes to implementing individual learning plans for learners.
9. Mary Chege She is the senior HOD applied sciences and teaches Biology and Agriculture.
10. Sr. Maria Nyamusi She is a strong member of the pastoral department and also doubles up as a Biology and Chemistry teacher.
11. Nellisa Mbaka Madam Mbaka teaches Chemistry and Physics and also doubles and as the handball coach
12. Mercy Waweru She is the senior HOD boarding Department. She teaches Physics and Mathematics.
13. Martin Ngaru Martin Ngaru teaches Physics and Mathematics and is the Head of Physics.
14. Jerim Otieno Mr. Otieno is a pivot in the Physics department and teaches Physics and Chemistry.
15. John Mwangi John is the head of mathematics and teaches Physics and Mathematics
16. Margaret Riika Mrs. Riika is the Senior HOD in charge of Pastoral Department and teaches Biology and Chemistry.
17. Beatrice Beatrice our latest addition to the Department and teaches Biology and Chemistry.
18. Isaac Kariuki Mr. Kariuki is the laboratory technician in charge of Physics.
19. John Kamau John is the laboratory technician in charge of Chemistry


Curriculum Implementation

In the science department we acknowledge that our learners have multiple intelligences – a resource that we have strategically tapped into. We reckon that there is no “one-size-fits-all” curriculum. We try our best to get to the level our learners and design instructional methodologies that will ensure “no child is left behind”. We provide various avenues through which students can learn the same thing. Our hold on differentiated instruction as a tool for learning is almost unparalleled. Our teachers are known to hold each student by the hand while providing ample environment for incubation – for the larva to metamorphose into an adult.

The values and traditions we instill in our students seem never to have failed them – what with so many of them being leaders in industries and scientific world. We have tailor-made several programs that ensure continuous learning at individualized pace. In our own unique ways we inculcate a sense of academic pride and confidence in our learners – no wonder it is easier to pass than to fail in a science when you step into the science theatre that is Loreto Limuru.

Assessment Policy

Our formative evaluation policies ensure that our students face their summative assessment at the end of four years when they are well fermented. We train the girls right from form one on how to revise. The monitoring thereafter ensures that revision is a continuous process. The assessment methodologies available ensure that learners have various ways through which they can assess their learning. From written assessment, open book exams, practicals, term papers to project reports – just name it. They have it all here. Our exams are set, moderated and marked using the conveyor belt system – as done by the national assessor, KNEC. This ensures standardization of marking and also provides avenues for teachers to share their assessment strategies and learn from each other.

Academic Performance

It is not a secrete any more – we are the national leader in sciences. For over a decade now, we have topped the national charts in the sciences on several occasions. Almost every year, at least one of our subjects appears in the top 3 positions nationally. The number of students getting admissions to prime science courses every year is testimony to how well we “bake our buns”! Moreover, we go out of our way to link with our graduates and find their academic journeys in and off campuses and the feedback has been rewarding and satisfying.