Boarding Department

Loreto Limuru opened its doors in 1936 with seven girls. With time, it has grown from a one stream school to six streams in form one and five streams in forms two, three and four. The school is shy of 1200 students who are housed in ten dormitories. Among the dormitories, there still stand two of them that reminds us of 1936; Haiti, and Rusinga. Each dormitory has a dorm mistress to oversee the welfare of the students.

Being a national school, we receive students from all over the country and the boarding team ensures that the girls live in harmony and cohesion. The dormitories were named after famous islands. Plans are underway to name them after its founders. We thank the entire Loreto Limuru parents’ body for providing their daughters with personal effects so as to make their stay in school comfortable.
God bless Loreto Limuru.

The dorm mistresses incharge of each dormitory are:

Dorm Mistress Dormitory
1. Gladys Njeri HOD boarding department
2. Damary Kataka Bahamas dorm mistress
3. Dorcas Kaniu New hawaii dorm mistress
4. Rosemary Kuru Haiti dorm mistress
5. Sr. Maria Nyamusi Tazmania dorm mistress
6. Lillian Ng’ang’a New hawaii dorm mistress
7. Fancy Cherono New hawaii dorm mistress
8. Judy Monari Haiti dorm mistress
9. Margaret Riika Rusinga dorm mistress
10. Christine Mbogo Mauritius dorm mistress
11. Nelisa Mbogo Tazmania dorm mistress
12. Rose Kang’ethe Mauritius dorm mistress
13. Dinah Wanjala Tazmania dorm mistress
14. Rahab Taitho Migingo/ Taiwan dorm mistress

The following are the dorm captains who oversee the activities in the dorms;

Dormitory Dorm Captain Name
1. Bahamas Diana Ofwona 3P
2. Tazmania Deborah Jepleting 3P
3. Tazmania Elsie Kemunto 3R
4. Tazmania Maggie Atieno 3R
5. Tazmania Joan Silole 3b
6. Bermudas/Tsavo HSE captain Precious Mukiri 2A
7. Bermudas/Amboseli HSE captain Nelly Nyauntu 2R
8. Mauritius/Kora HSE captain Angela Murwani 2B
9. Mauritius/Aberdare HSE captain Abigael Muthoni 2B
10. Bahamas/Samburu HSE captain Wishgranted Amadi 2P
11. New hawaii/Mara HSE captai Joan Mwaura 2A
12. New hawaii Stephanie Wanja 1B
13. New hawaii Kimberly Birir 1M
14. New hawaii Rebecca Achieng 1N
15. Haiti main/Extension Keaton Gift 1N
16. Rusinga Wanjiku Wamai 1A
17. seychelles Shally Moraa 1A
18. Taiwan Natalia Auma 1N