Clubs and Societies

In conformity with the policy of the Ministry of Education Science and Technology to award schools in non-academic areas, Loreto High school Limuru has taken the centre stage in achieving this. This school has 20 active clubs, 4 movements and 6 societies. The programme has Tuesdays from 4.10 to 5.10 pm set aside for club activities and meetings. This is when club meetings are held under the guidance and supervision of various patrons. All the students are encouraged to join at least one club and one society based on their interest so that they can nurture their talents and interests which will serve to elevate them to their rightful places in after-school life and set them on the path of success, fulfilment and happiness.

However, in doing this, strict observance of the school rules, the laws of the land and the societal moral expectations will and must be adhered to at all times to ensure that the school remains a safe and conducive place for learning and growth, and that at the end of it all, the students become responsible citizens who will take Kenya to the next level of glory and success.

The main aims of the clubs and societies include: To educate, stimulate thinking, do research for knowledge and information, to entertain, to develop creativity, render services to oneself and society, provide an avenue for socialization, help students grow spiritually and morally upright, and to help students develop and exploit their gifts and talents.

In clubs such as Science congress, drama, Music, debate and many more patrons have found it easy to nature and guide students in core-curricular activities. Our school has continuously excelled exemplarily well in club related competitions. It is the departments aim to build an economic, political, just and cohesive society with social equity in a clean and secure environment in line with the vision 2030 pillars.

    The clubs include:

1. Aviation club 11. Research club
2. Journalism club 12. Lawpol club
3. Music club 13. Young Achievers
4. Aviation club 14. Home Science Club
5. Peace club 15. French Club
6. Presidential Award club 16. Chinese Club
7. Mathematics club 17. Languages club
8. Science Club 18. Debate club
9. Art club 19. ICT Club
10. Young Farmers 20. Drama Club

    Movements include:
1. Rangers movement 3. St. John Ambulance
2. Scouts movement 4. Red Cross movement

    Societies include:

1. Christian Union (C.U) 4. Muslim society
2. Catholic Choir ( C.C) 5. Young Christian Society (YCS)
3. Legion of Mary (L.O.M) 6. Catholic Association (CA)

Schedule of Activities:

Our students have always done well in the various essay writing competitions.

  • Clubs meeting every Tuesday from 4.10pm – 5.10pm
  • Society meetings every Sunday 5pm-6pm
  • Participate in Mary Ward week in term one. This the week where the Loreto family reach out the needy in the school neighbourhood e.g children homes, hospital etc
  • Participate in income generating activities within the school to sustain the clubs activities e.g hikes, contests, etc
  • The department organises for Miss Loreto and Talents day .
  • Hold annual club farewell parties towards the end of the year.

Seated from left Ms Esther, Mr. Ndegwa, Mr. Olila, Mrs. Kuru,
Mr. Thande Standing from left Mr. Mungai, Ms Karinga, Mr. Obuong, Ms Taitho, Ms. Mbaka, Mr. Ng’aru and Mr. Kariuki.


Music Club with their patron Mr. Olila displaying trophies won at the Regional music festival.


Loreto - Alliance high schools joint choir performing a western classical piece at Murang’a TTC


Red cross members with their patron Mrs. Kuru (cutting cake) ready to have a bite given by the Chief Principal Mrs. Njenga (standing at the centre right)