Games Department

This department is one of the most vibrant and successful among others. It’s the department that takes care of the physical health of the girls all the year round. The head of the department is Mr. Thandi, who is also the patron Young farmers club. He has a wide knowledge in all the common ball games, racket games, swimming and athletics. He involved in actual teaching, training and also coaching. The department is a host of several teachers who teaches other subjects but they also offer their valued, expertise in various disciplines that have excelled well. The school offers many games and sports to the girls. They include;

Sport Patron(s)
1. Basketball Mr. Francis Sori, Mr. S. Muniu, Mrs. C. Mbogo
2. Hockey Mr. N. Ambege
3. Football Mr. R. Tinega, Mr. M. Ng’aru
4. Handball Ms. Nelisa
5. Volleyball Ms. R. Taitho
6. Netball Ms. C. Taitho
7. Athletics Mr. L. Thandi
8. Table Tennis Mr. L. Thandi
9. Badminton Mr. L. Thandi
10. Lawn tennis Mr. L. Thandi, Mr. F. Sori


The department has registered very good results for the last five years. The school has seen many teams that compete at National level and even at the East Africa secondary schools championships.
God bless Loreto Limuru.